Hokusho CO., LTD.
In 1955, HOKUSHO got its start as a manufacturer of distribution and shipping machinery by developing the “Portable Slat Conveyor,” a foldable, sloping conveyor aimed at reducing the amount of labor needed for loading tasks in warehouses. Since then, HOKUSHO has continued to rise to the challenge of developing new technologies in response to diverse needs in the rapidly growing field of factory automation, as well as the need to further improve and optimize the working environment in the distribution field.
Always responding to the demands of the time, HOKUSHO has developed vertical continuous transfer technology to perform tasks that cannot be done with elevators, vertical sorting and transfer technology that can sort items into random floors in a multi-floor environment, various technologies for automating assembly, packaging, and loading in the factory automation field, and more recently, slide shoe sorting and transfer technology capable of sorting products of various shapes with ultra-high accuracy, clean technology for clean rooms, and technology for transferring items at extremely low temperatures.
At the dawn of the 21st century, recirculation of resources throughout society is finally becoming a reality. Under the new framework of circulation logistics, we have continued to boldly carry out technological revolutions, including researching and developing hardware while also working towards better safety and ease of use, and tirelessly researching environmental and design issues, putting the results to use in product development.
Japan Office:
C-602 Takakura, 5-2-1 Takakuradai, Kasugai City , Aichi - Pref, Japan 487
Tel : 81 - 568 - 91 - 1091
Fax : 81 - 568 - 92 - 4380
Email: nmcjpn@lilac.ocn.ne.jp
Head office (Main Supplier)
3-4th floor, 24-26 street No.9A, Trung Son, Binh Hung, Binh Chanh, HCM
Tel : ( 84 - 8 ) 54319555 / 54319120
Fax : ( 84 - 8 ) 54319123/4
Email : nagoyahcm@sptfone.vn
HaNoi Office:
8th floor, Nikko Tower, 27 Nguyen Truong To street., Nguyen Trung Truc Ward, Ba Dinh Dist., HaNoi
Tel : ( 84 - 4 ) 9275390 / 91/ 93
Fax: ( 84 - 4 ) 9275392
Email : cnnagoyahn@vnn.vn
Binh Duong Factory:
Lot E, Street No.8, Song Than 1 IP, Di An, Binh Duong
Tel : (84-8) 0650 373 7229 - Fax: (84-8)0650 373 7230
HaiDuong Factory:
Km71+200, Quynh Khe, Kim Xuyen, Kim Thanh Dist., Hai Duong
Tel : (84-8) 0320 356 1266 - Fax : (84-8) 0320 356 1265